a global conversation where we work to figure out how to treat people the way they want to be treated physically.

About Us

Tara Forseth

Tara is a Manhattan-based actor-singer-dancer-choreographer-activist. When she’s not working on acquiring more hyphens, she teaches dance classes to toddlers at a studio in Tribeca.
She founded Consentucation Project in protest of both the poor handling of the Stanford rape case in the summer of 2016, and as a reaction to the inauguration of an anti-feminist White House administration. As a survivor of sexual assault, Tara hopes that Consentucation project will provide a platform for consent education, as well as a healing outlet for others.
She is a recent graduate of NYU Tisch with a BFA in drama from Atlantic acting school and the new studio on Broadway, and mother to a chinchilla named Fonzie.

Savannah Rose Jones

Savannah Rose Jones is an actor and musician living in New York City. She has been active in working to prevent sexual assault since her feature film Trust Me (2015) that focused on assault on college campuses.
She founded Consentucation with Tara in 2016 to provide a platform for survivors to tell their stories anonymously.
On her time off, you can find Savannah eagerly doting on her calico cat, Cari (@carifreecat).

Robin Irene Moss

Robin Irene Moss is a confident female singer/songwriter and YouTuber. She communicates her life experience honestly through lyrics and music. She has toured across the USA and Europe with her original songs, and has an album and EP available online.
She's honored and humbled to be on the Consentucation creative team, and to work with all of the exceptional people involved in this project.
You can find her music at and

Ananda Ferrari Ossanai

Ananda is a writer and filmmaker based in New York City. She grew up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2015. She loves cooking, mystery novels and fighting against misogyny.

Our Mission

Consentucation Project utilizes true stories of sexual assault and rape to promote consent education. Largely inspired by Eve Ensler's ‘The Vagina Monologues‘, these stories have been distilled into a monologue, storytelling form and are filmed and performed by actors in the NYC area. These monologues maintain the anonymity of the survivors, while providing a community and an outlet for survivors everywhere.

Founded in the summer of 2016, this project began in reaction to the poor handling of the Stanford Rape case and the inauguration of an anti—feminist White House administration. While rape culture has always been an ever—present force, normalizing and trivializing the effects of sexual abuse, those two events felt too personal to let lie without a forceful response.

Our mission? To heal and educate.

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